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Having a party/get together/meeting? Now you can book the Sports Club

To request a booking email with date, time, facility, purpose and contact details. Frances Rose or Anne Jones (at 01628 483 638) will let you know availability and the terms & conditions

Sections benefit from discounted rates. Sections may book the internal facilities for free if enough people attend to more than pay for the bar staff & any additional expenses. Otherwise, a charge will apply.

Any person or organisation that is not a Section will be required to sign our Terms & Conditions prior to using the facility. If specific rules apply to the facility being booked (such as the all weather hockey pitch), they will be attached to the T&Cs. The Club will take a £500 deposit from any person or organisation that is neither a Section nor a member of a Section. This applies to both indoor and outdoor facilities. Please note that we are not licensed to prepare, cook or sell food on the premises. We are therefore not entitled to allow others to do so either, subject to certain exceptions


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